Central Admissions

The new Central Admissions process for Quality Life Services will streamline coordinated patient care between hospitals and post-acute care communities.

Quality Life Services and it’s 11 locations throughout Western Pennsylvania which include; Apollo, Chicora, Grove City, Transitional Care Center at Grove City Medical Center, Henry Clay, Markleysburg, Mercer, New Castle, Sarver, Sugarcreek, and Westmont, are announcing the launch of the Central Admissions process, a free, centralized, referral source that can be accessed by a simple phone call, email, or fax and is designed to help the regions medical professionals and administrative personnel identify the best available resources for seniors in need of post-acute medical care.

“The Central Admissions (CA) process will assist our customers, patients, and future residents in delivering them fast, appropriate patient assessment, and bed placement at one of our 11 industry leading post-acute care facilities,” said Mary Susan Tack-Yurek, Chief Quality Officer at Quality Life Services. “It is our mission to enhance our customer experience, we believe the first step is to streamline the referral and admission process for our customers in the healthcare community while continuing to deliver excellent patient care and service in the process.”

The Central Admissions team will confirm the plan of care, gather clinical and payer information, verify eligibility and coverage, and place the patient in the location most appropriate for the patient’s needs. They will make use of real-time bed and resources for patients’ needs through their advanced EMR and collaboration with each of their 11 locations. This will allow the Central Admissions process to help transition patients seamlessly from the hospital to a facility with appropriate information and resources for their care.