UPDATE: Thank you Lenken Construction for the beautiful end results at our Quality Life Services-New Castle location.

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In December 2020, we began a considerable renovation project at our New Castle facility. The first stage of the project is to renovate unit 2 West of the 204-bed facility located at 520 Friendship Street, New Castle. The construction project includes replacement of the exterior exit walls and ramps, new interior wall and floor finishes, lighting, doors, shower room finishes, resident closet systems, plumbing fixtures and lay-in ceilings as well as renovated nurses’ stations. The project also includes new window treatments, dining and lounge furnishings and bed linen. Once the renovations are complete on unit 2 West, renovations will begin on unit 2 East.

Demolition stage of unit 2 West

Completed by Lenken Construction based in Sarver, PA, the entire renovation project is expected to take approximately 12 months. For more information about Lenken Construction, visit www.lenkenconstruction.com

We are very excited about the progress of our Quality Life Services New Castle renovation project.