As we age, our bodies change, and so do our healthcare needs. This is particularly true for older adults.

Many seniors often have multiple chronic conditions that require a combination of medications, which can be overwhelming to manage. That’s where medication management comes in. Working with a medication management psychiatrist and following an effective care plan can help you or your loved one keep track of medications, avoid potentially harmful interactions, and manage chronic conditions effectively.

At Quality Life Services, we believe every senior deserves access to quality healthcare tailored to their unique needs. That’s why we want to explore the importance of medication management for seniors and how it can impact their overall well-being. Understanding medication management is crucial in providing the best care possible.

So, if you’re interested in understanding why it’s so important and how medication management can improve seniors’ overall quality of life, keep reading.

Why is Medication Management Important for Seniors?

It may be common to question whether medication is necessary for a condition or if the condition warrants ongoing medication management. This situation can be especially challenging for seniors, who typically have multiple prescriptions, supplements, and vitamins that they need to take daily at varying times. Having a medication management system can help reduce the risks and complications associated with seniors’ health conditions.
Effective medication management is crucial for seniors due to a variety of reasons. Among these, the most common reasons include:

• Most seniors suffer from memory loss, making it challenging to remember to take medication. Sometimes they even double dose, thus affecting their health.
• Most seniors may incorrectly read instructions from prescriptions due to poor eyesight. Others may not follow them properly because of confusion.

How Does Medication Management Work?

Medication management requires both parties (the provider and the senior) to decide that medication is the right option. Once this is out of the way, the senior’s treatment starts- the physician mostly begins with small doses and progresses to larger quantities depending on how the patient responds. In most cases, the provider monitors the mental and physical well-being of the senior- any bad reaction to the medication causes discontinuation.

In addition, medication management paves the way for therapeutic intervention. Of course, it can get frustrating if you have no idea how medication management works, especially when you have a senior in dire need of help. At Quality Life Services, we have knowledgeable and well-trained providers to guide you through the medication management process.

Four Benefits of Medication Management for Seniors

While medication management can be challenging, proper medication management can include various benefits for senior citizens. Some advantages to consider include:

1. Medication management ultimately reduces the number of hospital admissions

Quite often, there would be cases of people succumbing to injuries due to improper medication. Medication errors often happen for seniors, ultimately causing adverse effects and leading to hospitalization. Medication management minimizes such errors, thereby ensuring fewer hospital admissions. Also, seniors are educated on how and when to take their medications and food or substances they should avoid that may potentially cause reactions.

2. Medication management allows for personalization

With medication management, seniors can personalize their medication, thus enhancing collaboration between caregivers, providers, and these patients. It provides a comprehensive list, considering their lifestyle, environment, and health. Rarely will you find that two seniors have the same type of medication schedule; this is because different factors influence every individual. At Quality Life Services, we provide medication management services that are unique to you, allowing flexibility and excellent collaboration with everyone involved in the care of the senior.

3. Medication management is convenient

As stated earlier, medication management provides a comprehensive list of the medications, the time to take them, and instructions to ensure proper administration. The senior may experience frustration when receiving medication instructions from multiple practitioners. Seniors are already going through a lot. Medication management provides convenience, ultimately improving their health outcomes.

4. Medication management reduces side effects

Seniors are constantly interacting with different drugs. At Quality Life Services, we review the medicine you take, how they interact with each other, and how they interact with your system, thus mitigating side effects.

Preparing for Medication Management Services

Sometimes, a senior may need to meet with the provider to discuss their progress. Quality Life Services regularly meets with seniors to know whether the medication recommended is working and provides necessary suggestions. The list below shows several steps to prepare for medication management services.

• Communicate openly

It is natural to shy away from expressing your feelings, especially to healthcare providers. That said, any accurate diagnosis and chronic disease management requires openness. The practitioner may ask sensitive questions, but they help them understand your health better to provide solutions that may alleviate pain and restore your health. Quality Life Services allows you to express yourself freely and preserves your privacy.

• Identify the right medication

Preparing for medication management services involves making a list of medications and supplements you take to ensure the medical provider has enough information about your current status.

• Ask questions

It is common to leave a facility not having asked the questions you intended to. Therefore, while preparing for your medication management services, you may list questions you hope to ask while raising any concerns you are experiencing.

Quality Life Services: Providing Medication Management for Seniors

Medication management is essential for all seniors. Quality Life Services provides such services, especially in Western Pennsylvania. We believe you deserve good health and care from a healthcare network that offers quality services. Call us at 800-246-0084.

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